The BRPB Board Members

The Big Red Pep Band Board plans and oversees the activities of the band. While they meet formally only a few times per semester, the members of the board work year-round to ensure smooth operations. They show extreme dedication to the band, and their efforts are greatly appreciated. Elections are held in December, and, with the exception of Conductors, the positions are held for the following calendar year. Conductors' terms last only one semester, and their elections are held in May and December.

Pep Band Manager: Susan Eichhorn

The Pep Band Manager runs the band administratively. The manager organizes the schedule for each semester, plans road trips, keeps track of points, and enforces all rules (such as only 25 instruments at NCAA events). The 2017 manager is Susan Eichhorn '18.

For a list of past managers, see here.

Conductors: Ryan Ronzoni and Kevin Linsey

The Pep Band Conductors conduct the band at events and run weekly rehearsals. They also can choose to add songs to the band's repertoire. The Fall 2017 conductors are Ryan Ronzoni '19 and Kevin Linsey '18.

For a list of past conductors, see here

Treasurer: Zachary Brothers

The Pep Band Treasurer is tasked with organizing and managing the band's budget. The treasurer works with BRBAA and the SAFC to ensure funding for road trips and more. The 2017 treasurer is Zachary Brothers ’20.

Secretary: Michael “Mearle” Earle

The Pep Band Secretary takes minutes at all Pep Band Board meetings and sends out reminders with memes before events. The 2017 secretary is Michael Earle ’20.

Librarians: Brian Scaramella and Michael Miller

The Pep Band Librarians are responsible for distributing sheet music to band members. This includes making complete folders at the beginning of the year, copying new music for the entire band, and getting missing to music to those who request it. The 2017 librarians are Brian Scaramella '18 and Michael Miller '19.

Historians: Jessi Hersh and Maria Komorowski

The Pep Band Historians are responsible for documenting the band's many appearances and putting these photographs and videos up for public display. The historians maintain the Big Red Pep Band Facebook page for this purpose, as well as @BigRedPepBand on Twitter and @BigRedPepBand on Instagram. The 2017 historians are Jessi Hersh ’19 and Maria Komorowski ’19.

Equipment Chair: Magnus Hoglund

The Pep Band Equipment Chair ensures that all instruments are in playable condition. The equipment chairs fix instruments when possible, and send them out to be fixed when a problem needs to be professionally addressed. The 2017 Equipment Chair is Magnus Hoglund ’20.
Equipment Chair

Fundraising Chair: Claire Coulter

The Pep Band Fundraising Chair is responsible for acquiring funds for the band to cover trip and instrument expenses. The 2017 Fundraising Chair is Claire Coulter '17.
Fundraising Chairs

Social Chairs: Ji Ann Greenberg ’19 and Peter Cook ‘20

The Pep Band Social Chairs organize events so that band members have the opportunity to interact outside of usual performances and rehearsals. The social chairs encourage members get to know each other and build friendships while participating in activities such as ice skating and bowling. The 2017 Social Chairs are Ji Ann Greenberg ’19 and Peter Cook ‘20.
Social Chairs

Webmaster: Magnus Hoglund

The Pep Band Webmaster is tasked with updating and maintaining the pep band website. The webmaster is also free to make improvements to the website as deemed necessary. The 2017 Webmaster is Magnus Hoglund ’20.